Every second Saturday of each month the CRS hosts a prayer breakfast for the purpose of evangelization and the building up of our community.  

A buffet breakfast is provided with the cost of each ticket, along with praise and worship and a breakfast speaker who gives their testimony of how the Holy Spirit has worked and continues to work in their lives, giving glory and praise to God.

Venue: St. Theresa's Parish Hall  7508 29 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta 

Time: Breakfasts are held at 9:30 AM 

Cost: Ticket price for full buffet  
 Adult (over 18): $12     
Youth (6-18):  $7                                        
Child (5 & below):  Free     
Priests: Free    
Ticket reservation needed (deadline: Wednesday before the breakfast)


Call or email Catholic Renewal Services or register online.
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Next Breakfast 

July 13, 2019
Guest Speakers: Bernadette Carrera-Lowe  & son Ricardo

Bernadette Carrera-Lowe has been a long-time parishioner at St. Theresa’s, as both of her children, Ricardo and Felica attended all of their primary education in the vicinity. Prior to her marriage to her husband Enrique, she worked for the New York Times in Hong Kong, where she originated. Having lived in Edmonton for over 46 years, Bernadette previously worked for the Federal Government, contributing her services to Immigration and in Service Canada with Investigations and Control until her retirement. In addition, Bernadette has been a member of Toastmasters for over 30 years at the Millwood’s Chapter, having held a number of positions including President. You may have also seen Bernadette (an ardent support of the Prayer Breakfast and the Renewal Center) along with her husband Enrique in the past, and on occasion, with her son Ricardo at the Prayer Breakfasts. Bernadette was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Stage 4 EGFR Lung Cancer in the spring of 2018. Through God’s guiding hand and incredible blessings through this journey, Bernadette travelled with her son to China. Since October 2018, she has been cleared of Parkinson’s. Most recently, her Oncologist advised that the Lung Cancer has significantly reduced to Stage 1. Bernadette currently resides in Guangzhou, China with her son, but Edmonton is always home.

Ricardo Carrera-Lowe grew up in Edmonton, starting from Kindergarten at St. Hilda’s, then St. Clements and graduating from Holy Trinity High School. After obtaining his degree from Ryerson University in Toronto, he has embarked on a journey which has led him to live and work in London, Hong Kong, Milan, Los Angeles, New York, Bahrain, Dubai and currently now in Guangzhou, China. Ricardo’s career has spanned from design, luxury good sector and international business development. He was also blessed with receiving awards, from the British Government and the US Congress. Having recently completed his MBA in China, Ricardo was appointed in 2018 by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), as the Co-Chair of the MIT Reap (Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program), overseeing the Greater Bay Area in Guangdong, China. Through God’s hands, Ricardo was, and continues to be an instrument and channel in both his and Bernadette’s epic journey. Ricardo now resides in China, and has brought his mother, Bernadette to live there as well.

August 10, 2019
Guest Speaker: Darryl Tymchuk

Darryl was born and raised in Edmonton. He was 11 when he accepted Christ and baptized in the United Church when he was 14.

At 18, he got married and began a family which now comprises of  wife Julie and 11 daughters.

He did Bible College by correspondence while working at a feed mill, then worked at Hope Mission for 10 years in the addiction program in various roles: chaplain, pastor, and program coordinator.

In 2010, he and the family and became Catholic.
After Hope Mission, Darryl went to Newman to get a Master of Divinity Degree, after which he began working at St. Albert Parish as a Pastoral Associate.


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