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I ask for prayers for my wife, her health (hair loss), her pregnancy and our marriage. For a house for the family we are building. For my work, the conversion of my bosses and that we do not lack clients. For the priest who guides me, Eduardo Toraño and his needs. For the health of all of us (my eyes/sight). Thank you very much for your prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Let's pray for Phil whose body was invaded by cancer. He has half body paralyzed and had a fall last week and ended up in the hospital. 

We pray for the marriage of Gina & Neil to be restored.   They have two young children who find this very difficult.   We pray Colossians 3:23 Lord that whatever Gina or Neil have at hand to complete they should work heartily toward this as in serving You Lord and not men, knowing that from the Lord Gina and Neil will receive the inheritance as their reward; knowing that all that is done in marriage is done as to You Lord.  We pray in Jesus name.   Give them Your love for each other Lord and give the children peace and consolation.

We pray for Ryan that he may experience peace in his life and transformation of his mind through the word of God enabling him to rest and sleep at night.   Romans 12:2 we pray that Ryan not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of his mind, that he may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.  We pray this in Jesus name.

Let's pray for Brock, that the Lord may enter into his mind and heart with His saving light and heal him of his anxieties; blow breath of life into his suicidal thoughts.  Also, we ask strength for his mother during this hard moment.  In Jesus' name

Let's pray for Anna, a friend's mother, who has heart problem. We pray that the Lord, in His mercy, cover her with His Holy Spirit and bring Anna a new heart. In Jesus' name.

For the intentions of Peter, who is going through tough times. May the Lord give him His strength and HIs peace  

For the success on her NCLEX Nursing Exam

Olga's cancer has spread throughout her body and she has now been placed in palliative care.    Lord we lift Olga up to you and praise & thank you for her life.   We speak healing and wholeness into her entire body coming against all forces in Your mighty name Lord Jesus.   By Your stripes Isaiah 53:5 and precious blood she is healed in Jesus name.   Come Holy Spirit and fill her completely with what she needs and give her divine visitations we pray in Jesus name!

Please pray for Robert Bilodeau's Mother who has been told that her cancer has spread to her entire body.  We speak healing and wholeness into her body, soul and spirit.   She belongs to You Lord!   Raise her up with resurrection power, fill her with grace, power and strength in Your most holy name to receive fully from You at this time, what you are providing for her.   We also decree and declare that a space will open up for her in palliative care.   In Jesus name we pray!