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I received a call from Iris today and she has been in the Royal Alex Hospital since last Thursday the 5th of July, she has a fluid build up around her left lung, they are currently draining this fluid so that the lung can work properly, as she has been diagnosed with pneumonia.  The doctors has advised her that she would be in the hospital for a minimum of 5 days which is up today and they are still doing tests to find out what if any viral infection has caused the liquid build up, are are also looking at a dark spot in that same lung which could be an infection.  Once God gives the doctors the all clear she will be able to go home.  Please pray that this wonderful prayer warrior will be back up and active again soon.  Jesus please send your angels to minister unto her and heal her tired body.

This prayer is for Laura who is a senior currently going through chemo for Breast Cancer, she is now also facing extreme back pain caused by a disc in her back.  The doctors are telling her she needs to move from her seniors apartment to a home that has the ability to have nursing care so that they can help her out she is in alot of pain and needs all the prayers she can get.  Please Mother Mary intercede for your daughter who has in the past interceded for others and their needs.

- For son Cedric that he be from convulsive seizure, free from high platelet count, free from blurred vision

- For wife Melani, that she could stay healthy

-For daughters Tirza and Celine, for their health, studies and works 

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Don Adamyk and for consolation for his family.  Don passed away at 3:00 pm on Saturday July 7.

Prayer for the liberation from depression and spiritual healing of Paola and Daniele. Pray also for Daniele's conversion.

Debbie has an interview on July 4 at 10:30 am and has asked for prayer.  She does not have a permanent full time job and would really like this position.   Lord you know the plans that you have for Debbie for a future and a hope Jeremiah 29:11.  We ask that you provide for all her needs in Jesus most precious name we pray.

Jana has asked for prayer for herself:   Please pray for the light of the Holy Spirit upon me that I may know God as He really is, that He loves me and forgives all my sins.  I am exhausted from years of terrible oppressions and lies from the devil about my guilt and unworthiness, which have caused terrible pain in my soul.   Pray that I will be given the grace to take the last step which requires my total trust and surrender to the Lord.

Bernie has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is to meet with her doctor on Monday next week to determine the next course of action. Please pray that God heals her of this disease.

Don had surgery last Wednesday for pancreatic cancer and on Saturday was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. Please pray for Don and his family that God heals him.

For the repose of the souls of two fine men, Heinz and Juri, who recently passed and have been lifelong mentors to our family. In Jesus' name I pray and thank the Lord for bringing them into our lives.