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Please pray for this young man at the request of his mother, who is very woried about his Siritual, Mental and physical health. All of these aspects of our being can be lost if we lose our focus on what and who life is about and for.  God created us for a purpose and if we lose site of that view we lose site of our purpose on earth, which can leave anyone confused and lost in a world that tells us we need to have more money, power and things than anyone else our age. Everything is a competion and we are always pushed to be better than the next guy.  This is all wrong, we need to help the next guy who will then help the next guy and so on, life would be so much better if we took this attitude rather that putting averyone down just to get ahead of them.  Please pray for these 3 boys Steve Svono and Dean that the Lord will bless their entire family and give them a spirit of Love and peace that they can share with others.  May God Bless them all..

Please pray for Dean at the request of his mother, Dean is Autistic, but seems to have an awesome grasp of who and what Jesus means to him.  He would  like to have Jesus in his heart. Please pray that this happens for him and that he gets to fulfill his purpose on this earth, his mother would like to see him healed mentally and physically as well but she also needs to realize  that God uses our weaknesses in order to help us complete those purposes.  We do not know how we are supposed to do the things we are meant to do on this earth, but God in his great Glory knows everything about us and how everything will work for his glory even if we see everything as tragedy.  His ways are not our ways and our ways are not God's way.  Praise the Lord!!

Please pray for this young man at the request of his mother who  is very worried about his Spiritual health, he seems to have gone astray as most of our young people  are doing in this current age.  Please pray that he will take his eyes off of the world of power, money and technology and put them on Jesus which is his only guaranteed way to ensure any form of Joy or happiness in his life.  She has also asked that we pray for his physical and mental health, both of which go astray when our eyes are not on our Lord. Let the Lord touch his heart and soften his outlook on the world so that he will be like a child that  stops to listen to the sounds of creation, which is where God can reach down and  touch his heart.  Praise the Lord.

Please keep Simone in your prayers as she discerns some important decisions she has to make in the next two weeks.  This has caused her to be anxious. Lord we ask that you touch Simone with your wisdom and your understanding to guide her in her decision during this critical stage in her life.  We ask this in Jesus' name.

Please pray for the personal intentions of Robert.

Please pray for Claire who has to undergo surgery to remove a growing cyst in her breast. She is a young nursing student with a very active prayer life and she is quite distraught about this. Please pray that the growth is benign and that the surgery will be successful. Lord, cover Claire in your Precious Blood and surround her with your healing, your peace and your comfort, in Jesus' name we pray.

Please pray for Imelda Green who will be having open heart surgery on April 19 to remove a large tumor from her left atrium in the heart.   The surgery will be 2-3 hours in length and is to start at 7:00 am.   Come Lord Jesus and bring your healing through the hands of the surgeon as Mel undergoes heart surgery tomorrow.   Jesus by Your stripes we are healed and by Your sacrifice we are brought to wholeness.   Bring Your healing and grace tomorrow as Mel undergoes surgery, we pray in Your mighty name.

Please pray for the healing of Olga's mom who is in hospital because of heart failure.  May the Lord grant her full restoration and may her family be give strength and comfort during this difficult time. We ask this in Jesus' name.

Please pray for Levy from Good Shepherd Parish who underwent open heart surgery last week.   Lord Jesus lay your healing hands upon Levy and touch her heart and all the valves and vessels associated with her heart.   Bring a drop of Your precious blood into her body and bring her healing we ask in Your mighty name Lord Jesus.

Please pray for Kiersten Schmidt, Cory's six month old granddaughter who underwent open heart surgery at one week of age (Feb 21) and has reversed organs which prevents a heart transplant.   She is a miracle baby and the surgeons said she is doing well but has a long road ahead.   Lord we thank-you for the safe delivery and surgery of Kiersten and ask that you stretch your healing hand right into her body bringing your divine healing, perfecting her heart and touching her spirit.   Bring her the fullness of Your life Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit and give strength and courage to her family.