My wife and I are 5 months pregnant and doctors are telling us our baby won't be born because of many difficulties. It seems to have over larged kidneys, no bladder and very few fluid for him to survive. We don't understand, they claim it genetic but none of our families have ever had any of that. My wife got diabetes from her pregnancy but she got it with our first child too and he is extremely healthy with never any issues (thank Jesus Christ).These doctors want to finalize the result of our baby by saying it's already basically died when it still alive. The only option they offer us is to give up on it and shut down its life.  We don't want to! There is no result without God's result. We believe he has not given them to us yet. We beg you to please pray for our baby to be born strong and healthy like his older brother. 

"where two, three or more are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them" 

In conclusion we'd like to say God bless you and thank you so much again. 

Antonio and Jaclyn Aleman