Blessings to all of you in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank-you all so much for all of your prayers for our new granddaughter Kiersten.   She is quite the little fighter.   We were blessed to have an weekend here in Edmonton Feb 24/25 with Dr. Mary Healy and during the healing service, which she led we all prayed for little Kiersten, and Mary among many, many others continue to pray.

Kiersten was born naturally on Feb 21/17 at around 11:12 am and she weighed 7 lbs 6 ounces.   She was baptized the day after her birth in the NICU with Ken and I being her Godparents.   Seven days after her birth she had surgery, so on Feb 28 early in the morning another of our parish priests gave her anointing of the sick the night before surgery.    During surgery they patched her left valve going to the lung, they took out the septum and they attached the existing pulmonary artery to that branch.   She had saturation levels of 75-85 with good pressure.  The surgeon said it was a good first step but she had a long way to go.   She does have another surgery booked at 3 months which is around the time we will be on pilgrimage in Rome but my daughter told me to go as she Christy would be stronger and I couldn’t effect the outcome anyway, being in Rome was likely the best place for me.  She has had some set-backs but today they took out some more lines, her breathing is up too high for her breathing tube to come out today but her heart is hovering around 140 on her own!   This is great news as there were some scary times last night!   She is now opening her big beautiful eyes!  

Kiersten just turned 3 months on May 21/17 and she continues to grow stronger as she waits for her second surgery.   She is the most fragile until after her second surgery is successful and sometimes as she continues to grow and her little two chamber heart catches up she has lowered oxygen levels.   Please continue to pray!

Indeed we serve a mighty God!   

Come Holy Spirit!