Catholic Renewal Services

We are the Catholic Renewal Services of Edmonton and our charism is to strengthen conversion to Jesus Christ by promoting a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit and His presence in the lives of God’s people and His church.   We represent the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and serve the Archdiocese of Edmonton under the auspices of the Archbishop. Learn more... 


Prayer Breakfasts updates:

  • Registration NEW DEADLINE:  Wednesday prior to the breakfast
  • Beginning JUNE 8 Breakfast will start at 9:30 am







Past Prayer Breakfasts
   School of the Holy Spirit
    Maria Vadia & Michelle Akers
    November 16-18, 2018
  Come back to Jesus
    Maria Vadia
    April 12-14, 2018
  Living a Life of Victory
    Dr. Mary Healy
    February 24-25, 2017
  River of Mercy
    Sr. Ann Shields
    October 15-16, 2016
  New Evangelization
    Michelle Moran
    October 24-25, 2015

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